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Nomad began as a collective of like-minded writers, artists and photographers. We’ve since evolved into a compelling agency working with brands of intrigue across the globe.

Founded in Boulder, Colorado yet global in scope, Nomad is a full suite creative agency developing brands of intrigue across the world. We’re fascinated by the emerging industries defining our future like cannabis, fintech and renewable energy. Yet, we remain grounded by our experiences in hospitality, fashion, media and retail. Working with Nomad is a unique experience. We have our own way of doing things, tried and true methods paired with an unorthodox collaborative style. We’re thoughtful about every step, intentional in how we communicate and never rest until we unearth the excellence within every great idea.
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Radical identities for emerging industries


Power and Sophistication for consumer packaged goods

Marketing & Advertising

Stunning storytelling and thoughtful design drive brands forward day in and day out

Web & Social

Custom built websites and digital campaigns

Product & Lifestyle Photography

High end photography to stand out in the marketplace

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Admit it, Brands of Intrigue is a pretty great tagline. But what precisely does it mean? This question and our answer is fundamental to Nomad’s philosophy, our mission and our passion. 

A brand of intrigue is one that not just looks great from the outside, but draws you in to illuminate stories about people, products and ideas; It’s an exploration of the possible. For it is intrigue, and not simply interest, that creates anticipation, curiosity, and desire in humans.

A Brand of Intrigue is one that people have to have. Interest is a good looking package, a sharp Instagram grid, or flashy launch event with celebrity grab bags and influencer posts. 
Intrigue captivates all the senses, and drives a  desire to explore that product, service or idea. Intrigue motivates you to ask “who made this?” and seek the answer. Intrigue arrests our attention. It’s a voice that says “I have to know

Intrigue is Planning. Intrigue is about depth. It’s about crafting stories, products and concepts that are evergreen, always moving and never ending. When we take on a brand project we remain mindful about what’s next, and clearly communicate what clients should expect as their brand matures. 

Once we’ve designed the logo, colors and marks, what’s the next step in the process? Packaging and initial photography of course. And once the website is developed and launched? Driving qualified, relevant traffic to it. And when the collateral and merchandise is ready to go to print, what vendor are we using? Who’s managing web, social and email marketing?

Nomad works tirelessly not only to design and develop great brands of intrigue; we provide guidance to ensure those brands have the best opportunity to mature and evolve. Ultimately, we can tell you how we work, or we can show you. Everything starts with a conversation. We’re here to have it with any and all.

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Emblazoning functional art and spiritual ideas for our clients and partners.