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What We Do

Nomad is a creative agency geared specifically for the cannabis industry. We have over 10 years experience designing and developing cannabis brands, designing packaging, launching products, and performing all major marketing functions on behalf of our clients. 

Brand Development and Design

Designing stylish brands for the modern cannabis marketplace

Nomad thrives with a blank space. We love nothing more than taking ideas and bringing them to life through our unique brand development process, carefully honed over years of experience to deliver the exact brands our clients want and need. 
We guide clients of all experience levels through this process, whether they are first time founders or seasoned entrepreneurs and C-level marketing executives.

Packaging Design

Nomad has designed over 500 packaging SKU’s across all product categories—Flower, Pre-Rolls, Vape Cartridges, Concentrates, Topicals, Tinctures, Edibles--for the cannabis marketplace, with close attention to the details of compliance, child resistant packaging requirements and all other specifics unique to cannabis.

Advertising Campaigns

You’ve got a beautiful brand, but now what? Nomad thrives in ideating compelling and emotionally resonant advertising campaigns

Marketing Strategy

Nomad delivers compelling marketing strategies that guide our clients to marketing success, reaching the wholesale and retail customers they need to grow their business and build brand loyalty. 
Our cross-platform philosophy enables us to envision how campaigns, product launches and event marketing streams from the physical world of retail shelves, billboard advertising and conference exhibitions through to print and mobile advertising, web, social media, and social media.


Nomad is known for its poetic and brand appropriate copy. Our Co-Founder Zachary Cohen has written brand copy for industry heavyweights including Puffco, Apothecanna, Ascend Wellness, Elevate, Woodstock Heritage Strains and many other cannabis industry stalwarts. His work has been featured in The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Culture and Dope Magazine, Leafly and other outlets. 
Whether writing simple strain descriptions for WeedMaps, developing wholesale catalogs for dispensary education, ideating memorable advertising campaigns and brand catch-phrases, copywriting is a strength of Nomad's.


Evan Mann leads our photography department. Expert in product and lifestyle photography, Evan’s award winning snaps of New York City have put him in the public eye on more than one occasion. Nomad shoots product photography, lifestyle work and leads location based shoots for our clients.

Web Design + Development

Video Content Production

Rocco Tortorella is a filmmaker and documentarian who has worked for live music festivals, performing artists, cannabis and liquor brands and fashion companies. He has produced episodic content for major television and streaming networks.
Carefully Crafted

We rely on our nomadic spirit, creative freedom and powerful collaborative style to design next-level cannabis brands with our clients and partners.

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Our Approach

Work Process


Brand Incubation

Each client engagement begins with on-site (or, for now Zoom) kick-off calls where have a chance to explore the nuts and bolts of your brand.


Nomad is known for our speed and efficiency. Clients typically see initial design and messaging concepts within 2 weeks.


Our projects don’t end with design and messaging. We take our work further overseeing printing, packaging, labeling and launch and manage advertising and social campaigns.


Brands are not static, and design, messaging and product development never stops. We help our clients anticipate marketplace evolutions to stay ahead of the game.


Nomad maintains strategic partnerships with digital marketing and PR firms providing holistic services to our family of brands.

Bespoke Cannabis

For new cannabis entrepreneurs, Nomad offers bespoke services that take your idea all the way to market: developing product concepts, sourcing, licensing, sales and distribution and launch. We work hand in hand with dispensaries across the country to get your product on the shelf and into the customer’s hands.

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