Nomad was tasked with rebranding Prisma, an East Coast cannabis brand part of Ascend Wellness’ brand stable. We developed a new name, and completely revamped the visual look, feel and packaging as part of this effort.


Brand Identity, Packaging, Merchandise

Ascend Wellness
Summer 2020


When the client brought us this project, we were presented with an outdated design for a “fun and fruity” cannabis brand, planned for a Fall 2019 launch, We were initially asked to evolve the existing designs to see if a brand could be salvaged.

Through several iterations an improvement in design was recognized by the client, through ultimately the decision was made towards a complete reimagination of the Prisma brand. Working alongside Ascend COO Todd Brisky and Digital Director Mike Hollywood, we developed “Kindred: Spirited Cannabis” as its replacement.

Kindred is spirited cannabis, lighthearted optimistic and social.
Life’s a party, don’t overthink it.

No Smoke, no hangovers, no calories.
Think WhiteClaw for cannabis.

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